Writing an A-grade Annotated Bibliography Paper

An annotated bibliography is a list of information sources with a brief description of the main conclusions in each entry. Entries in an annotated bibliography can include but are not limited to journal articles, books, periodical, and websites.  An annotated bibliography highlights the relevance and quality of the information sources included in the work.

Like all other types of writing, the first step in creating an annotated bibliography is selecting the topic of interest. The information sources that you will include in your list are those relevant to your topic. This is followed by the search for the materials that are resourceful to your topic of study. After finding all the sources you need, the next step is to cite all the sources appropriately. Here, you have to choose and stick to one of the many citations and referencing styles. The common citation styles include MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago formats. Look out for any particular style that your instructor may have recommended before choosing your own.


Each of the entries is analyzed critically to identify the key points and ideas related to the main topic in terms of whether they add value to the discussion. The annotated bibliography is not a mere summary of the sources. It should integrate information on the methodology used to arrive at the findings, besides stating the major findings from the particular source. All unrelated, outdated, or weak sources should be excluded from the annotated bibliography. The bibliographic summaries should include a justification of why the respective sources were included.


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