How to Write a Business Plan

At some point in your school life, you may be required to write a business plan for academic purposes. A business plan is a document that outlines and explains a business proposal. The business plan paper will define a business idea, the business opportunity, and how the proposed business would exploit the said market gap. In the academic sense, a business plan can be a critical artifact that could determine whether or not you pass in your class. You should therefore treat it as an important academic assignment when writing it.


The format and components of a formal business plan may vary widely. However, there are certain standard elements that you should include in your plan. The first such element is the company overview. The section defines the general description of your business or idea. The second component is a description of products that your business proposes to offer. You should include why your products are necessary to the market.


The next element is a marketing plan. In this section, you will explain the marketing goals and approaches, resources, and action plans. Some of the information included in this section is the media mix to be used, the roles and responsibilities of various actors, and how to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.


You should also include a management plan. The purpose of this plan is to identity the leadership of the business, and the roles of various members of the management. An organizational framework for your business may be included in this section.


>Lastly, you should include a financial plan for your business. Give details of the source of financing for the business, and estimated sales projections and breakeven point. This section is crucial as it portrays the viability or non-viability of a business.


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