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A capstone project is an assessment process that sums up the knowledge and experience that the student has gained in a course. A capstone project is a multifaceted process that usually requires the student to interact with an area of their future specialization. The level of complexity of the requirements depends on the faculty’s expectations and the field of study.


A capstone project is a two-semester process that serves as a culminating academic assessment for students. In a capstone project, the student engages in independent research based on a selected topic. The research process is typically more engaging and in-depth then the conventional research paper writing process. With the help of a faculty member, students undertaking a capstone project will produce an extensive research document reflecting a deep knowledge of the subject of study.


The purpose of a capstone project is to challenges students to explore solutions to practical problems in an area they are interested in. Through a capstone project, students need to think critically and engage with research and scholarly debate to create solutions. In the process of completing such a project, the students develop analytically, communication, presentation, teamwork, goal-setting, planning, and research skills.


General Steps to Completing a Capstone Project

Topic selection: in this step, you choose a topic of your interest. Here, you need to narrow your focus and develop a researchable research question.

Write a capstone project proposal: in this step, you submit a proposal to your instructor detailing the topic, the rationale for its choice, and what you plan to do in the project.

Project planning: After the proposal has been approved, the next step is to plan the project. Here, you may want to set out the report structure and prepare a timetable.

Project completion and writing: this step entails completing the actual capstone project. It involves conducting research and executing related academic work, including compiling the research report.

• Submit results: in this last phase, you are expected to present your results. Typically, the examiners will require a presentation of the skills. In this case, you need to prepare or your defense.


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