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Writing a Critical Thinking Paper

Critical thinking is one of the key skills that we all learn in school. In your academic journey, your instructor may at some point require you to write a critical analysis paper. Completing such an assignment requires you to deploy your critical thinking skills, analyze and evaluate information, and compose well-argued assertions. The critical thinking paper writing process is not an easy task. It involves reflections, analysis of experiences, creation of solutions, and the making of critical decisions. Here are a few tips on writing a critical thinking essay.

Choose a Suitable Topic or Problem

In your studies, you may be given an article or topic to conduct your critical analysis on. In other situations, you may have the chance to choose your own problem. Ensure that in either case, you come up with an interesting focus point that is arguable and has plenty of information available for analysis.

Gather and analyze Existing Knowledge

Conduct a search of information sources suitable to your topic. Read attentively and analyze the knowledge you are reviewing. Take notes while reading. Briefly document your own thought which will be useful in developing and supporting your claim. Identify patterns in the existing literature, as well as any controversial arguments about your topic.

Formulate an Argument

After completing the review of the existing knowledge, you have substantial information about the topic you are working on. Use the information to formulate a central claim. At this point, you can create your introductory paragraph and a thesis statement underscoring your main claim.

Argue and Support Your Central Claim

For the rest of your critical thinking claim, you will be analyzing the key ideas. You will discuss the relevant details in an analytical approach. Highlight the pertinent issues and their implications based on your central claim.

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