Free Turnitin Reports&Grammar checks

Turnitin is a service that allows you to check the similarity index of your paper. The similarity index reflects the plagiarism level in your document. That is, it shows the content in your paper that is similar to information in other authors’ documents. It, therefore, gives you a chance to gauge the originality of your paper, besides directing you to areas where you may need to change to rid the essay of plagiarism. Grammarly, on its part, combines plagiarism and grammar checks. A Grammarly report will show all grammar and typographical errors, and suggestions for corrections. You can also adjust the settings to see the originality index of your paper. These two services are crucial for a student as they ensure that you do not get penalized for plagiarism or avoidable grammatical and typographical issues in your paper.


It is the desire of every student to achieve the highest score possible in their class. As a student, you want to avoid all opportunities that would cause you to lose marks. Plagiarism and grammar errors are some of the most prominent causes of lost points. In fact, virtually all high schools and colleges have anti-plagiarism policies with varying degrees of penalties for violators. In most universities, students are penalized heavily for plagiarism. In the worst-case scenarios, students have been discontinued from their universities, while in other cases their academic credentials have been recalled after their submitted and graded academic work was found to have been plagiarized. This highlights the gravity of the issues. As a student, you do not want to get in such trouble. Our Turnitin and Grammarly Services will help you ensure that the paper you submit is free of grammatical and typographical errors and plagiarism.


Interestingly our Turnitin and Grammarly Services do not attract any fee. We offer them for free. When you place an order and we complete your essay, we will deliver it alongside a free Turnitin report. You can also give us your completed paper and we will check it using our premium Grammarly and Turnitin platforms, and fix all the errors, at a small fee.