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How to Write a Great Laboratory Report

If you are taking a course where you conduct experiments or some form of laboratory work, you may not avoid writing lab reports. A laboratory report is a document detailing the process, methods, results, and implications of the experiment under consideration. The format and scope of the lab report may vary depending on the course or area of study. Lab report could constitute up to 30% of the total grade in your class. You should therefore approach lab report writing with caution and ensure you meet all the requirements.

Format of a Laboratory Report

Different instructors may require varied laboratory report format. Some instructors may even give templates that you have to follow. The general format of a lab report comprises the following elements.

·         Abstract/executive summary – this part includes a summary of the entire report, including the purpose of the work, the research question, the main findings, and the major conclusions based on the lab work.

·         Introduction– in this section, you outline the background of the experiment and what was done.

·         Methodology– This section contains descriptions of the methods and processes followed to complete the experiment and obtain the results. Details of the materials and tools used are also included here.

·         Results– this section details the outcomes of the experiment that you have completed. The key outcomes are included here.

·         Discussion– in this section, you discuss the results of the experiment, including the interpretation and implication of the findings. The relevant concepts and theories related to the experiment and results are integrated into this discussion.

·         Conclusion and recommendations – this final section comprises the author’s conclusions of the entire laboratory experiment process. Recommendations of applications or further research may be included.

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