Research Proposal

A research proposal is a paperwork used to propose a research project, generally in academia or sciences. Requests are usually gauged on the proposed research's cost and potential impact and the proposed plan's soundness for carrying it out. A research proposal addresses several vital points; these critical points include:

  1. The research questions and how they will be address
  2. The time and amount required to accomplish the research
  3. The previous research h did on the same topic
  4. How the investigation will be of aid to the organization and other interested parties
There are several types of proposals which includes
Solicited proposals
A solicited proposal is the type of proposal submitted according to the instructions issued by the sponsor. (RFP)Requests for proposal or (RFA)Request for application are sometimes used by sponsors to seek bids for specific research, development, or training projects.
  • Unsolicited proposals
Unlike solicited proposal, the unsolicited proposal is not issued with any specific solicitation though it is believed to interest the subject.
  • Preproposals
Preproposals are in the form of a letter of brief abstract requested by the sponsor who wants to minimize the applicant's effort in preparing a full proposal. After it is reviewed, the sponsor decides if the entire proposal is warranted.
  • Continuation of non-competing proposals
The non-competing proposal is the original and funding requirements of a multi-year project that the sponsor has already provided funding from an initial period.
  • Renewal or competing proposals
Renewal proposals are the kind of requests that need continued support from the existing project that is about to always has the same status as an unsolicited proposal.
A perfect research proposal should include the following:
A proposal title should give a clear indication of your proposed research approach
An abstract should have a summarized work of your proposal in not more than 100 words. While writing a proposal background, focus more on the significant highlights of the central questions and don't be more detailed
A research context is also known as research background information. A perfect research context should include:
  • The background of the proposed research
  • The disciplines in the proposal should be identified
  • Some short literature review
  • A summary containing primary debate and development in the given field
A research question is an answerable inquiry into a specific issue.This an initial step in a research project.
The methodology is the research part that is always written in the past tense. It refers to the overarching strategy and rationale of the research project. Research methodology should provide the outline of the theoretical resources to be drawn on the research, the approach, methods of analysis appropriate, and discussions of the pros and cons of the particular techniques and methods.
6. Significance of research
It is good to discuss why your research is essential .to ensure this, tell if your work adds more knowledge to the existing state of experience in this theme
7. Bibliography
Research writing should include references to where the job was helps in referring all the work used in research or the arguments made in the research
To have a correctly done research proposal, a student needs to take note of the following tip:
  • Originality
  • The aim of the research proposal
  • Material
  • Research
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