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A research proposal is an academic paper that defines what you intend to research on, why it matters, and how you intend to complete the research. It precedes a research project. A research proposal is an important element in the research process as it could determine whether or not your proposed study is accepted. As such, when writing a research proposal, you want to understand the specific requirements, format, and components to ensure it is acceptable to your instructor.

Writing a top grade research proposal requires that you have a clear understanding of the specific requirements set out by your instructor. For example, your tutor may require that follow a certain format, achieve a specific length of the complete paper, or included specific components. Take time to learn what is the exact expectations are. Seek all the necessary clarifications from your faculty mentor before starting the writing process.


With the research proposal prompt clear, it is time to identify and conceptualize your research topic. A preliminary review of literature is essential in this regard as it helps to point out to a specific research focus and question. Based on the preliminary literature review findings, justify your research questions to convince your instructor that your research topic is worth studying.


Moreover, think about the research methodology to use. The research design is dependent on your research questions and type of research. Your research methods should be justifiable in light of the research question and scope. Ensure to explain why you chose a particular research methodology over the alternatives. Lastly, compile your research proposal, ensuring that at the minimum the report has a cover page, introduction, literature review, research design, and references list sections. Proofread the research proposal paper and ensure it is free of any form of plagiarism.


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